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How it works (continued...)

How it Works

The EKOmille system comprises of two sections, the upper section is the feeding platform, sensor and turning mechanism. The lower chamber is the catchment area which contains our patented solution.

Rats Caught

Rodents are lured to the feeding platform, when the sensor is activated the turning mechanism drops them into the lower chamber. The solution acts as a “stun” agent which causes them to die within seconds. The solution is also a preservative thus prevents decay which in turn results in no rotting smell.

Each time the turning mechanism is activated the external counter for your monitoring clicks over thus indicating how many rodents have been caught from the time of the last service.

The Ekomille® is serviced on a monthly basis where the captured rodents are removed from the system; the system is rebated and reset. The Ekomille® can catch up to a maximum of 80 rodents per cycle without the use of any rodenticides or poisons. This inevitably results in a decrease in the rodent population in the previously infested area.

Rat Count

The system has an internal battery that operates the turning mechanism; there is a battery test switch which allows you to see if the battery needs to be replaced. Battery replacement is part of the service package on offer.
Together with this plan of action the introduction of the Ekomille® systems offers the client an even greater alternative. Not only is the Ekomille® system used to prevent rodents regaining access into areas, it actually traps and kills the rodents in the most humane way possible.
The Ekomille® system is positioned in the rodents’ new SAFE ZONE. It is initially used as a feeder system, providing food to rodents in their new SAFE ZONE thus reducing the risk of them trying to gain access to the residents’ homes in search of food.

The Ekomille® is baited with natural dry foodstuff; a combination of foods that the rodents have been used to eating is preferred. For 1 week after installation the Ekomille® system is solely used to feed the rodents and make them comfortable with the system in their new.

Safe Zone

After the 1st week the Ekomille® is activated and begins catching and killing the rodents that feed from it.

The above constitutes a total timeous solution to the people of the community in a totally safe, cost effective manner.